SEO Audit

With every new client or site, we do an extensive SEO audit that provides us with a holistic view of the current standing of a site.

It allows us to find all the reasons why a site is potentially not ranking high enough. Afterward we a create a strategy to address all the problems found in the audit.

Our Audit Includes:

External Links:  Who are you linking out to.

Broken Links: Both internal and external.

Anchor Texts: Ensure proper anchor text is being used for images and web links.

Images: Check for proper image optimization and alt text.

Headings: Review headings (h1, h2 etc) for proper keyword optimization.

File Size: Check code and files for best practices for faster load time

Meta Description: Check for keyword optimization, missing, duplicate or length issues

Title Tags: Check for keyword optimization, missing, duplicate or length issues

URL Structure: Keyword Optimization, length issues, dynamic URL, underscores.

Bots: Check if bots can properly crawl your website.

Robot file: Make sure your crawl budget is being utilized properly to index all the right pages.

Sitemaps: Ensure sitemaps are properly formatted for search engines and site users

Design: We also give feedback on design/structural improvements to increase conversions or traffic.

Mobile: Ensure your website is mobile friendly.

Analytics/Webmaster Tools: Ensure proper implementation of both.

Off Page Audit Includes:

Backlinks: Quantity and Quality

Anchor Text: Ensure that the ratios are good as per niche standard.

Local SEO: Local Site Visibility.

Keyword Research: Top organic keywords, keyword suggestions, competitor keywords.

Link Intersection: Backlinks that your competitors get but you don’t.

Spam Check: Ensure your link profile is clean and your site is not considered spam.