Keyword Research

An essential part of any SEO service, keyword research is the process of discovering exactly what words users type in the search engines while searching for your services online. The first step that comes even before optimizing a website or creating some campaign is a thorough keyword research. Through its help, we are able to get a holistic view, allowing us to target the right keywords.

For instance, you may have some presupposed notion in your mind regarding the ranking of certain Keyword Researchkeywords; on the other hand, your customers might think differently. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to be aware of what your potential customers will type when they search for your product and services. As your SEO agency, we will identify the correct keywords in order to target more customers.Our research includes mapping various keyword to different pages on your site along with all the relevant metrics such as volume, difficulty etc. We also cross reference this data by looking at what keywords your competitors are going after.

Some of the specific action we perform when doing keyword research include:

  • Researching relevant keywords in your market
  • Finding your currently ranked keywords.
  • Researching keywords your competitors are targeting.
  • Mapping keywords to different pages on your site.
  • Labeling keywords by type(attraction, discovery and money) as well as location.